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Our Family!

Cute Kids!

Cute Kids!
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Our Family

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A movie, a new bike, and a trip to the aquarium

Well, we sure had a fun weekend! Last Friday, Tom and I decided to be adventurous and take the kids to the movies, well, the dollar movies that is! But, to my surprise, they were SOOOO good! We saw Bedtime Stories, and they just sat there, and ate their popcorn, and watched the movie. They both got a little tired towards the end, but overall, they did good. I am excited that we can all go to movies together. The next day, Saturday, Tom had to go in to work for a couple of hours, and when he came home, he surprised Carleigh with .......

a big girl bike!! She was so excited when she came down the stairs and saw this waiting for her! She has been wanting this for a long time, but its been to cold to ride it, so we waited. She absolutely loves it! After Tom got home, we went to the living aquarium in Sandy. The kids had so much fun! Tyse was glued to the fish tanks, and he would squeal everytime a fish would swim by him. I would highly recommend it. They have a tank with stingrays in it that you can touch, but Tom was the only one who did. I wanted to but the water was too deep. Sometimes it stinks to be so short!
This is a picture of the jellyfish, with Carleigh's reflection. She said that these were her favorite!
The kids checking out the fish!
Tyse was so cute looking at the turtles and the fish. I just love his cute little smile!
This is one of my favorite pictures! The kids were so excited to sit and watch the little "Nemo" fish swim around! Tyse stayed just like that for literally 20 minutes! I love my kids! SHARK!!!!! Thanks Tom for the fun weekend!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sick kids and Springtime

Well, what a lousy couple of days we've had!! I am so tired, and I am ready for my kids to get better! Friday night, Carleigh spiked a fever that was 104.3. It was so scary, she's never had one that high before! We called the hospital, and Tom's dad, and they said to cool her off ASAP. Luckily, the medicine kicked in, and she cooled down, but she was up half the night wanting to be held, and needing water. Saturday, it was Tyse's turn. They both had fevers and terrible coughs, and were miserable. Then, on Sunday, Carleigh started complaining that her ear hurt, and Tyse was pulling at his ears too, so I knew that most likely they had ear infections. They both had runny noses and were coughing, and were whiny all day. Tyse was up on and off on Sunday night, and in pain, so I took them to the doctor today. Poor little Tyse has a double ear infection, and a form of the flu. He had a temperature of 103 at the dr.'s office. Carleigh has a ear infection in her right ear, and a form of the flu also. They were a little happier today, and I am so grateful for medicine to help them get feeling better.
On a happier note, its FINALLY getting a little warmer, and its almost spring! Thats good news for anyone! I am so glad its warming up, and that we're moving to a bigger house with a yard. My kids are so excited to have grass to play on instead of dirt and weeds. I am ready to break out the shorts and sandals, but I have lived in Utah long enough to know that it will probably snow AT LEAST one more time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Love To See The Temple

On Saturday, my entire family went to the Draper Temple Open House. I will post pictures later, my batteries in my camera died. Carleigh was so excited to be able to actually go inside the temple, and see all of the beautiful rooms. She loved seeing the bridal room, and she told me she's excited to get married in the temple so she can sit down on the stool and do her makeup! She loved the entire experience. Tyse really made us laugh, and the people around us. We walked right by the baptismal font which was full of water, and he pointed to it, and got really excited, and wanted to go swimming! He screamed when we wouldn't let him get down and get in the water, and everyone around us was laughing. It was hilarious! What I will always remember, is being in the sealing room with my entire family. Seeing my kids and my husband, and my parents and brothers and sister all together, and being able to look in the mirrors, and seeing our image go on forever, it was one of the greatest feelings in my life. I am so grateful that I married a wonderful man in the temple, and that I have a great family to spend eternity with.

I love to see the temple,
I'll go inside someday
I'll covenant with my Father,
I'll promise to obey

For the temple is a holy place
where we are sealed together
as a child of God I've learned these truths;
a family is forever!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goodbye Gracie

So, in my last post, I mentioned a little girl named Gracie who just received a heart transplant that was not working. Tonight, her parents made the agonizing decision to turn off her life support. They donated her organs, and by doing so, were not able to spend the last moments of her life holding her, as she had to be rushed off to the operating room. I cannot imagine the grief these parents are experiencing tonight, and I pray for them that they will find peace and happiness. I can't believe that a tiny baby that I don't even know has affected my life so deeply. What I do know is that families can be together forever, and how grateful I am to have that knowledge. I love my family, and tonight I am grateful that I have two healthy kids that I got to tuck in bed. Tonight heaven has a new angel. Goodbye Gracie, and thank you for letting me be a part of your life, and for reminding me what is most important.

Carleigh's new smile!

Carleigh's new smile!

Payten's favorite aunt Britney!

Payten's favorite aunt Britney!
She is a beautiful little doll!

Proud Grandpa Lynn!

Proud Grandpa Lynn!

Draper Temple

Draper Temple